Susz jajeczny w granukach do celów paszowych

Granulated egg powder obtained from substandard eggs (stake, dirt, small) with preliminary separation, pasteurization, spray drying.

Egg powder or granulated egg powder is a source of proteins and phospholipids, it is easily absorbed by living organisms due to the balanced level of amino acids, energy, vitamins and minerals.

Usage of feed egg powder
Milk substitute for calves
Pig Starter meal
Prestarter for meat chicken or laying hen
Food for fish or shrimps

Egg powder can be used as an alternative to antibiotics because of the high content of antimicrobial proteins and antibodies in eggs.

Type of packaging: bag with a plastic liner.
Weight: 20 kg. or 1t.

Protein min. 44%
Fat approx. 35.0-42.0%
Moisture max. 5%
PH 6.0-8.5

Pathogens including bacteria of the genus salmonella in 25g of the product are absent