The goals and objectives

The goals and objectives of the company are to satisfy the needs of customers with environmentally friendly and efficient feed additives, with high quality and reasonable prices, which will bring the maximum possible result for growing animals, birds and fish.

Presence of all veterinary certeficates

Production is certified

Packing in customer packaging with your logo

Direct delivery from manufacturer to customer

Individual approach for each client

Production capacity over 150 tons/month

Gempol LTD was founded in 2016

The main activity of the company: the implementation, creation and production of feed additives for animals, birds and fish, on the Polish and European markets

Currently, the bulk of the company’s product sales is:

  • feed egg powder
  • granulated egg powder
  • feed egg yolk
  • egg shell
  • dry brewer’s yeast

We cooperate with consumers of these products in France, Germany, Spain, England.

Gempol LTD is an official representative on the European market of the Ukrainian manufacturer LTD GS of FOOD TECHNOLOGY of feed products.

   LTD GS of FOOD TECHNOLOGY has its own production base and direct supply of raw materials from major Ukrainian manufacturers.


Order our feed additives: granulated egg powder, egg powder, egg yolk or brewers yeast


All products are certified and manufactured on closed cycle factory


We deliver directly to the customer. Contact us to get more information from our consultant


  • The laboratory provides microbiological and physico-chemical tests
  • Express analyzing using infrared analyzer
  • Analyzes fully comply with international standarts  Standards
  • For each batch certificate of quality attached


The high quality feed ingridients of oru products allow to accelerate growth of animals, their height and weight.