Egg shell is egg processing waste which is washed, dried and grinded. The egg shell is an ideal source of calcium that is easily absorbed by living organisms.Japanese scientists have proven that fish bones and eggshells are made of 80% calcium carbonate. There is experience using ground eggshell as an additive in fish feed. The egg shell contains 27 trace elements necessary for the body of fish and animals: copper, silicon, phosphorus, iron, manganese, molybdenum – the presence of which strengthens the immunity of animals, birds and fish, improves their survival capability.Ground eggshell in the feed strengthens bones, cleanses blood, speeds up metabolism, accelerates the development and weight gain of living organisms.

Usage of eggshell

Enrichment of feed for animals, birds and fish with calcium.
For deoxidation of the soil (increase in Ph levels of soil).

Type of packaging: bag with a plastic liner.

Weight: 25 kg. or 1t. transport bag.
Сalcium carbonate level 90-93%
Moisture level 2%
Protein 5-7%